Our Vision

CrowdReady is the central point for all equity crowdfunding matters in Australia. Our logo represents the six characteristics for entrepreneurs, investors and ourselves:

Our People

Jon Spensley - Business Guy

Jon Spensley is Australia's leading independent expert on crowd sourced equity funding. So someone said.

Jon's the founder guy too. He enjoys working with start up businesses and entrepreneurs.

He's an approachable person and will give you some guidance from his experience in building businesses, venture capital, funds management and corporate advisory.

Jon has all the usual undergraduate and post graduate qualifications you'd expect.


Michael Tsotsos - Legal Guy

Michael is a solicitor.

After spending nearly 20 years at his previous employ in Australia and the US for diverse global regulatory change requirements, he decided it was time to release the shackles. He likes CrowdReady and we like him. He calls an earth moving machine a spade.

He has heaps of qualifications and experience but didn't want the other two guys to feel small. 


Jerram Watters - IT Guy

Jerram likes programming. He didn't have any involvement in this website - he wanted you to know that.

But he's an entrepreneur at heart, having been head geek at max super and Link.me.

Jerram's got qualifications in IT, but much more importantly to him and CrowdReady, enjoys helping entrepreneurs.